Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unemployme---er, Vacation!

It's been a while since either of us have updated, so I thought I'd take a moment out of my SUPER BUSY (note exaggeration) day to provide a quick update. 
Most of you know I graduated in May from nursing school, but with a dismal job market (45% of new RN grads from 2010 are still unemployed), I am --- let's just call it forced time off. 

In late May, Leo and I took a trip to Europe, traveling to Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. We got engaged at the end of an epic hike in the Swiss Alps! Last weekend, Leo spent a few days in Los Cabos, Mexico celebrating his friend J.R.'s approaching wedding.

I am trying to make the most of my forced time off. I've been reading (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and The Emperor of All Maladies), cooking (my new blog!), playing outside, and completing other projects (cleaning my parents' wedding silver, making homemade stationary). I am also thinking about taking up the ukulele.
I have missed the constant exposure to healthcare and interactions with patients, but what's that  saying about the grass is always greener?

Please comment on suggestions for ways to be productive, questions and topics for discussions on current healthcare trends, and any favors you need a hand with!

USF Graduation

Lemon Poppyseed Cookies

Cinque Terre, Italy. Check out that face.

Cinque Terre, Italy. Overlooking Monterosso

Cinque Terre, Italy.   See Leo jumping into the water? 


leo said...

Love the post, T!

Susan said...

AAHH time is such a gift but you've gone from 60 to 0 pretty quickly. So that will take some adjustment. Cooking is good therapy for whatever ills. Cooking like being active reaps short-term and long-term benefits. My only advice is to put all of your irons in the fire and in the meantime seize the day. When is Leo going to quit jumping from places from which people aren't supposed to jump?